Requirements for the stay of your cat in our cat hotel:

For being a guest in our cat hotel it is necessary that your cat fulfills some standards. 


  • Your cat has to be castrated / neutered

(only cats under the age of 7 months are allowed to come into the cat hotel without being castrated)



These are the necessary vaccinations:

  • Inside cats:
    • Cat flue
    • Panleukopenia
  • Outside cats:
    • Rabia (for outdoor cats only)
    • Cat flue
    • Panleukopenia
  • All cats: FeLV (Feline Leucosis)

This vaccination is recommended for all cats as it protects against a disease which is highly infective in an surrounding with a high cat population.


Please ensure that:

  • the vaccinations must be valid over the whole period/stay in the cat hotel.
  • the latest vaccination should not be done later than 21 days before check-in in the cat hotel.

If you are unsure about the correct vaccination date, please contact us in advance!


Flees & Worms:

Every cat, equal if inside or outside cat, needs additionally:

  • Protection against flees (f.e. Frontline Combi, Advantage, Broadline, Stronghold)
  • Treatment against worms (f.e. Milbemax, Broadline)

The flee protections must be done 2-5 days before check-in in our cat hotel.

You can buy flee protection (15,00 €)  in the cat hotel.

But we prefer, if this is done before the Check-in.

  • Colliars are not allowed


Kontakt & Reservierung

Katzenbetreuung Bonn

Anja Keß


53229 Bonn

Telefon: 0228 8508315 

Mobil: 0177 7613589


(we also speak English)


Öffnungszeiten Katzenhotel:
(Check-In & Check-Out)

Montag - Samstag:

10:00 - 12:00 & 17:00 - 19:00


Besichtigung Katzenhotel: Bitte stimmen Sie einen Termin mit uns ab.

Reservierung/Anfrage Katzenhotel: Reservierungsformular


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